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Over 20 Years


Our mission is to improve the quality of life of each patient by diminishing pain resulting from injury, joint misalignment and the distress of allergies.

Every patient’s situation is unique, therefore we formulate a personalized program to help you maintain optimal health. 


Mission Statement

Vaniman Chiropractic

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Live Pain-Free The Natural Way

Dr. Vaniman will determine whether chiropractic treatment is right for you based on your initial examination and history. Once your areas of concern have been identified, Dr. Vaniman will outline a personalized treatment program that fits your needs. In-office therapies may include diathermy, muscle stimulator, traction or ultrasound. We have on-site X ray facilities. 

  1. Bullet Asthma                                    

  2. Bullet Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

  3. Bullet Pediatric and Adolescent Care

  4. Bullet Neck and Back Pain

  5. Bullet Sports and Work Injuries

  6. Bullet Psoriasis / Skin Conditions           

  7. Bullet Back Pain

  1. Bullet Allergies

  2. Bullet Digestive Disorders                                 

  3. Bullet PMS and Pregnancy Care                            

  4. Bullet Migraines and Headaches                            

  5. Bullet Auto Accidents

  6. Bullet Learning Disabilities / ADD/ ADHD           

  7. Bullet Fatigue

Utilizing Diversified and Activator Techniques as well as nutritional supplements, Dr. Vaniman has helped many patients with a wide variety of health problems, including but not limited to: